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Hire Terms and Conditions

Agreement to Terms and Conditions:

NOTE: Items are not reserved until a signed contract and a 50% deposit are received. (100% full payment if event is less then 8 days)

This Rental Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions governing this agreement. The parties hereby agree that by signing, they agree to be legally bound to the provisions contained herein.

A signed copy of this quote and/or invoice as well as a 50% non-refundable deposit must be received to guarantee product availability as detailed above. The remaining balance is due no less than 7 working days prior to the quoted installation date or, for out-of-town orders, seven working days before scheduled departure from our loading dock. EHS Furniture Rentals assumes no responsibility for delays to the event start time as a result of delay in payment and/or non-payment.

All custom work requires a non-refundable payment of 100% before any work or procurement commences.

All equipment is used at the customers own risk. Conditions that prevent satisfactory use do not relieve the customer of his/her/its responsibility for rental charges.

The following are some guidelines that must be met to avoid any additional charges:

All candles must be in containers as all wax drippings on any product constitutes as “damage”. Do not stand or walk or allow others to stand or walk on any furniture. Furniture cannot sit uncovered out of doors or get wet at any time (excepting “outdoor” furniture). No heat can be applied to any furniture. Furniture must sit on hard and level surfaces (grass is neither a hard nor level surface). All furniture must be wiped clean at the end of any rental. Adhering anything anywhere at any time to any of our products is not allowed. Failure to comply with any of these stipulations will result in additional charges that will be payable immediately at our discretion.

The hirer shall be responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment including cartons, boxes and packaging, except for damage, which has been caused by reasonable wear and tear. Charges will be made for late returns, articles not cleaned, cartage and additional labour.

Delivery related costs quoted above are based on loading docks, door and elevators being immediately accessible and available at our scheduled arrival times. Wait times for any delivery/pick-up related delays/inaccuracies/re-arrangement costs from the client will be charged extra and be payable immediately, beyond any quoted transport related quotes.

The hire fees outlined in the agreement cover the time period only from the delivery date/time to the pickup date/time. If, after delivery and prior to the pickup date, customer requests that the pickup date be extended to a later date, and if EHS Furniture Rentals agrees to such an extension, then the rental charge for the time period between the original pickup date and extended pickup date shall be increased at the discretion of the supplier.

If, on the pickup date, EHS Furniture Rental agents/representatives arrive at the event location to pickup the hired equipment and if the Supplier's agents/representatives are prevented from picking up the hired equipment, then:

Customer shall be responsible to pay a holdover fee. Customer shall reimburse EHS Furniture Rentals for the transport expense plus the amount of $50.00 for each man-hour expended by EHS Furniture Rentals for each unsuccessful attempt to pickup the hired equipment. Customer shall reimburse EHS Furniture Rentals for all damages suffered or incurred by supplier by reason thereof, including indemnifying, defending and holding supplier harmless from any claims made by other customers of EHS Furniture Rentals.

Unless otherwise specified, all deliveries and pickups shall be made during regular business hours of Monday through Friday, 10AM to 4PM. All other requested delivery or pickups at other times shall be subject to the approval of a director and additional costs may be incurred.

Prior to the delivery date, the client is advised to provide EHS Furniture Rentals with a floor plan indicating the exact location of the hired equipment at the event location. The supplier will not be held liable for equipment that is left in the ‘wrong location’ due to a floor plan not being provided.

Customer shall provide all needed electricity, electrical cords or any other accessories required for electricity. EHS Furniture Rentals will not be held liable for electrical malfunctions and/or lack of service.

Customer shall have a qualified representative present at the event location to accept delivery of the hired equipment and to confirm that the same has been delivered and accepted. Failure of the representative to be present will constitute acceptance of delivery in good condition of equipment by the Customer.

In no event shall the customer cause or permit anything to be stuck to the hired equipment (for example, without limitation, signage, tape, glue, etc).

If hiring equipment from EHS Furniture Rentals without the supplier's production services, the customer hereby declares to examine the items and to be satisfied with the items, having received said items in good operating condition. In addition, the customer declares that he/she/it is familiar with operation and function of the items rented hereunder. All equipment goods are to be returned in the exact manner received from the supplier. Any dirt or other materials left within the equipment will subject the customer to a cleaning charge per piece of equipment.

The customer hereby releases, indemnifies (and save harmless) EHS Furniture Rentals against any claim or damage of any nature incurred by use of rented equipment, whether installed by the supplier or not. EHS Furniture Rentals shall not be liable in any way for personal injuries or damage to the property of the customer, the customer's guests, invitees, agents, employees, contractors or any other person(s) save and except for such injuries or damages as are caused by the gross negligence of supplier in the operation of equipment contracted for herein. In any event, the liability of the supplier and any other incurred expenses shall not exceed the total amount of the general comprehensive liability policy of EHS Furniture Rentals and it is expressly agreed that EHS Furniture Rentals shall in no event be liable for special, indirect or consequential damages.

The customer shall be fully responsible and obliges himself, herself and/or itself for EHS Furniture Rentals upon demand, to charge the details of the credit card below, to the value of the items in the event that the said items are stolen, lost, damaged, or destroyed, in part or whole, whether by theft, fire, loss, act of God or by any other cause whatsoever.

The customer agrees to notify the supplier in writing of any change to the information given on this document or related documents.

If prior to the delivery date it is determined that any items of the hired items are unavailable, then EHS Furniture Rentals shall offer, if available, a reasonable substitute. The customer may either accept the substituted item(s) or receive a credit for that item, without any liability to EHS Furniture Rentals. If on the delivery date, EHS Furniture Rentals is not able to provide the reserved unit(s), then the Supplier at its sole discretion will substitute equipment of equal or greater value. Customer may either accept the substituted item(s) or receive a credit for that item, without any liability to EHS Furniture Rentals.

Please be sure to review that all the information is correct